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Looking for a specific piece to tie a room together?  Or maybe you're looking for a whole bedroom set.  Whatever it is let us know, we're happy to help!


Are you shooting a film or planning a photoshoot and need some mid century modern pieces to set the stage?  Contact us!


Love our style?  A. Thank you!  B.  We're happy to help you achieve your dream home.  Whether you need to button up a single room or an entire house we've got you covered!


Past Pieces

Gone...but not forgotten!



Over the years Heist has been many things but above all it has been a lot of fun!

We (Justin & Nicole) founded Heist in 2017.  It began as a lifestyle boutique with vintage decor.  Shortly after we opened it became clear Heist was a vintage shop with some clothing.  After six months all of the clothing was removed from the shelves and no more wholesale orders were made.  Inventory became strictly vintage furniture and decor.

With this new direction came a need for much more space.  Luckily, the shop that was literally next door became available within the year.  The new and improved Heist was triple the size of the original and we were ready to give the people what they wanted...more vintage!

As time passed our clientele again helped shape the direction we took the company.  The focus of our product line is now mid century modern furnishings with the exception of "oh my god that's so cool" pieces. 

Now, let's take a moment to dial back to 2017 when the original lease papers were signed.  Two weeks later as fresh business owners we found ourselves expecting.  9 months later in January of 2018 Oliver was born.  By March he was working regular shifts at Heist (typically sleeping on the job).  As the store grew so did he and by December 2018 he was walking.  We soon realized that despite Oliver having his own baby proof area in the shop the current situation wasn't going to work.


In January 2019 we decided to close up the shop for a month or two for some much needed R&R.  During this time we continued to post new inventory on social media and work with existing clients.  As March rolled around we noticed the business had continued to grow without the use of the storefront.  At this point we decided it was best for Oliver if we didn't renew our lease and raised him at home.

Heist now operates solely on social media.  Inventory is stored in a small warehouse to keep our overhead low.  Without the additional cost of a storefront we're able to pass the savings on to you! 




Pittsburgh, PA



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